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The name of this page derives from Let's trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle.

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From Phenols

Koala diet

Phenolic compounds, when taken up orally, rapidly diffuse into the brain where they act as a sedative, generally producing symptoms suach as sleepiness and low physical activity together with a diffuse feeling of happiness, thereby even fostering physical inactivity. High doses lead to neuronal death, and are eventually fatal.

Koalas, which sleep around 80 % of their time take up 500 g of phenolic terpene-containing eucalyptus leaves on a daily basis as their only diet. Hepatic degradation prevents koalas from phenolic terpene-associated death (as would occur in any other mammal on this diet). Koalas still have a low but constant level of the substance (steady state), known to be the major cause of the symptoms mentioned above.

This concept has been proven to be true in a series of elegant landmark experiments by experts in the field, showing that feeding of chemically detoxified eucalyptus to koalas reduces total sleep to just 29 % of their time. Similarly, mental performance tests and reaction times of animals on a phenolic terpene-free diet were dramatically improved over the standard eucalyptus group.

Importantly, during the first six days of phenolic terpene-free diet, animals showed signs of craving for phenolic terpene such as sweats, nausea, vomiting, increased activity, ignorance towards their offspring, and would utter protest and dissatisfaction when directly confronted by their experimentators. For review see: Zoology, Issue 105(4), pp 341-354, (2002), available trough the following link: [1].

From depleted uranium

Note the content & edit comments: "Unreferenced" paragraphs begin with references.

From Rolypology Theory

A recent theory submitted by scientifically advanced internet user stated that the reason we don't feel the Earth moving is not because it isn't accelerating but because we have been present on the Earth for so long that we just no longer noticed it.

On further questioning on the repercussions of this new information, X-Factor (the user who submitted this information) confirmed that earlier animals would be aware of the movement of the Earth.

Scientists were quick to pickup on the theory and realised that the fact that early animals would be aware of this movement would also mean it would affect them, causing unbalance. This is where evolution came in developing systems which today prevent us from noticing this movement, however more short term solutions first evolved for animals back then.

A new theory which has come to light known as the Rolypology theory gives answers to the question why did dinosaurs evolve into different sizes when presented with the same environmental variables. Rolypology tries to answer this by stating that some dinosaurs evolved to massive proportions so as to become unaffected by the Earth's movement.

The theory also explains why some dinosaurs also evolved smaller. Smaller dinosaurs were always prey and evolved to make use of the Earth's movement as a defence method. As you should know the Earth has a speed of close to 70,000mph. Smaller dinosaurs who were more affected by that speed would quickly lose balance but could affectively use this to "roly poly" (hence the name of the theory) away at near the speed of Warp 2 thanks to this speed boost from Earth, where as the dinosaurs who evolved to counter act the effects of the movement could only reach speeds of Mach 2.

This diagram helps to explain this new ground breaking theory.


From "Mushroom tattoo"

The term mushroom tattoo is used to represent the action of hitting or slapping another person with your penis, usually in the face. The resulting action of the penis to the face is the imprint of the "wanghead" which resembles that of a mushroom. It can be used as a verb, adjective or noun. Here, it is seen as a noun, "That crazy nigga was all up in my grill, so i gave his ass a mushroom tattoo." Also as a verb, "Yo, if that playa' hata' don't quit frontin', I'm gonna' mushroom tattoo that nigga' in the face." It is used here as an adjective, "Ben was being a hoe, so i had no choice but to smack him in the face with my penis, leaving the unmistakable mushroom tattoo imprint." The phrase mushroom tattoo derives its name from Greek origins. It comes from the words mushromus which means penis and tato which means to strike. In a sense, mushroom tattoo literally means "penis striking". It is a great art and is continued on a normal basis in todays society.

From "Talk:Formic acid"

YAY formic acid!!!!!!! you are my hero!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! formic Acid is the best fatty acid i have ever seen!!!!!!!! I <3 formic acid!!! Fatty acids are the best and formic acid is the bestest!!!! REPRESENT!!!! IF FORMIC ACID WAS A GANGSTER IT WOULD COME INTO THE HOOD AND KICK ALL OF THE OTHER FATTY ACIDS OUT OF THEIR CRIBS!!!! FORMIC ACID KICKS ASS!!!!!

Gdel's incompleteness theorem, Goedel's incompleteness theore and others...

From Juliana Thiessen Day

Note that the above title is actually a real person's name. See also Stockwell Day

Julianna Thiessen Day is celebrated throughout Europe on January 7th. Ostensibly a Christian event, the true origins of the day are lost in pagan lore. Recently, scholars have put forward the proposition that the day was originally a week-long event involving the tarring of bears and the worrying of Welsh prisoners.

The day is traditionally begun with the annual Mudlarks nude parade along the banks of the Thames although recent changes in the purchasing of fireworks legislation has resulted in several fatalities and, on two occasions, the need for hospitalisation to remove foreign bodies.

Families celebrate the day with the "re-gifting" ceremony involving the passing-on of unwanted Christmas gifts and the mocking of celebrity-endorsed calendars for the New Year. The Day was banned by Oliver Cromwell but is now celebrated as far away as Japan, where it is known as Lilliana Lollipop Day and involves the (apparently hilarious) giving of chocolates to superiors by casual temporary staff and those working maternity cover.

From Procrastination

I was going to add information to this article, but I figured I'd do it later.

An old joke.| 03:19, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Dictionnaire de l'Acédemie française

It was a dictionary that the French Academy published. French is phat. That's what you kids call it these days, right? Phat?

C the band

The following little play on phonemes comes to us courtesy of a VfD| discussion over a band vanity article for "C the band:"

Failed the Google test, I see no notability here. -- Riffsyphon1024| 09:39, Mar 8, 2005 (UTC)

  • Delete. Garage band cruft. jni| 09:55, 8 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete, not notable, band vanity. Megan1967| 10:22, 8 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • C the band. C the band run. Run band, run. C the band deleted for lack of notability. --TenOfAllTrades| | Talk| 17:46, 8 Mar 2005 (UTC)
    • I noticed that play on words. It still doesn't help them. -- Riffsyphon1024| 18:32, Mar 8, 2005 (UTC)
    • C the band wishes it could B the band. Unfortunately C the band B deleted for lack of notability. Tygar| 04:17, Mar 9, 2005 (UTC)
    • I no C the band. I no want I C the band. D-Leet band I no can C. B gone, C! - Lucky 6.9| 17:11, 9 Mar 2005 (UTC)
    • Great A, little a, bouncing B / C the band / On VfD. (With apologies to Mother Goose.)| 17:20, 9 Mar 2005 (UTC)
      • Interesting. How many other ways can we ridicule the band before we delete it? -- Riffsyphon1024| 22:07, Mar 9, 2005 (UTC)
  • I dunno, matey. Let's C! R, Who B next? - Lucky 6.9| 03:57, 10 Mar 2005 (UTC)

From User talk:Tskovitch of Moldova and User talk:Ta bu shi da yu


Can you redirect all of the pages to Haiti? Yesor No? Pick or I will block you from editing. --Tskovitch of Moldova| 05:51, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Hi, I'm not quite sure what you would like me to do... could you clarify please? - Ta bu shi da yu| 05:53, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
I want you to redirect all of the pages to Haiti. I have the password to destroy wikipedia for ever. Do as I say Iwill join the reigh of terror to destroy wikipedia. --Tskovitch of Moldova| 05:55, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Suuuurrrre... doing it right now... - Ta bu shi da yu| 05:56, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Good! Thank You for your help. Now I can save wikipedia from Jimmy Wales reign of chaos. --Tskovitch of Moldova| 05:58, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
No worries. - Ta bu shi da yu| 05:59, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)

From Burying pennies

Burying pennies, or penny burial, is a process common throughout much of the civilized world|. The aim of this process is to remove the pennies| from the eyes of any human or animal who might take said penny and thus commmit theft, a crime, making the former owner| sad. This is a very usual part of the moneyed system of Capitalism, whereby currency, useless tokens which signify wealth to those sufficiently socially programmed is commonly stolen, extorted, killed for, &c., &c.

Penny burial is like any other burial, except that it involves a penny. The invisibility of the penny is accomplished by covering it with dirt, or some other opaque substance.

Now, here we see an incomplete penny burial:

225px|Incomplete penny burial|

What could the penny's owner have done to bury the penny better? This illustrates some very basic tenets of penny burial.

- The burial of a penny must be accomplished by placing the dirt, or here, what appears to be sand or metallic| dust, overtop of the penny. Placing the dust mostly underneath and to the side has little, if any, effect. The penny must be covered completely, lest it glint in the sun and attract the eye of the unwanted thief. This is owing to the reflective property of pennies, that which makes them shiny and desireable, and thus is the source of their value. See both blessing and curse.

- Ensure that you have enough dust to cover the penny. Perhaps the owner of this penny did not have sufficient sand to bury the penny, and did not wish to disturb that which was already there. That is perfectly acceptable, and admirablyethical|. However, one must ensure, as per the above note, that one's penny is completely buried. If you must supply your own opaque material with which to obscure your penny, be sure to obtain a sufficient quantity.

- Bury your penny in a place where it is not likely to be found. The best places are those in which sand or dirt is found naturally. This penny seems to be buried on a table-top. Not only may the sand on the table arouse suspicion, but the table is a high-traffic area, which may be frequented by many more penny-seekers.

-The greater the depth, the better. This penny, even if it were properly covered by the sand, or slightly more, in a suitably-low traffic area, would be easily removed from its hiding spot. The deeper and more tightly buried your penny is, the less chance it will be unburied. See Captain Kidd.

The process of penny retrieving is considered unfashionable by most purists.

From Goa trance music

Goa trance has a significant following in Israel, brought to that country by former soldiers returning from recreational "post-army trips" to Goa in the early 1990s. However some of those were bad trips.

Talk:British coin Two Pence

how much is the value of a 1985 two pence

2p -- Arwel| 13:52, 7 Jan 2005 (UTC)

From Azoundria

Am I allowed to say that [2]www.azoundria.com is my website here?

No--Noogz| 02:32, 13 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Infinite recursion

  1. REDIRECT Recursion

Recursion, infinite

  1. REDIRECT Infinite recursion|

Fish Sandwich

FISH SANDWICHES are no ordinary sandwiches. They are sandwiches made up of fish.

Dating back to when all fish were abundant, the fish sandwich was born when a cavenman discovered the versitility of fish. Not only did he create a revolution but he also created what wioll nowadays be one of the most controversial foods ever!

The fish sandwich, aka fish sanga, will be here for this year and many years to come.


A group of musicians who gather under bridges to make music.

From Poop

Poop may refer to:

  • A creamy delicacy (oh so tasty)

From WP:VFD for Bakali

  • Bakali is the plural of bakalus, a rank of the Roman priesthood whose sole purpose was to wax stoats and make miniature carved sculptures of feet out of owl bones. Um... delete Grutness||hello?| 25px|| 09:11, 17 Mar 2005 (UTC)

From Wikipedia

The Free Kingdom of Wikipedia is a secessionist entity, and aspirant nation, located in St. Petersburg, Floridia. While it possesses very little physical territory -- limited to nine servers at a co-location facility -- it has attracted immigrants from all over the world, and cultural conflicts resulting from this are a major social problem. The capital is located at En|, which has a certain degree of special status; in particular particularly naive immigrants tend to arrive there. Also, the King's residance is in En, which gives it certain political advantages.

See the rest in the history. It claims to be a featured article candidate|, too.

From Lindsey Cardinale

She stated that her new objective in life to become a newsanchorwoman. Possibly replacing Dan Rather.

Preceded by:
Dan Rather
CBS Evening News anchor|
Around September 4, 2005 - Present
Succeeded by:

From American Idol

The contestants of Season 4 DON'T EXIST. They're just a figment of your imagination.


Dogitis was discovered in 2003 when a sick patient came into the hospital after sharing spit with their little dog. Symptoms of dogitis are anywhere from large pimples and cists on awkward parts of the body such as the knee and the lower eye, to coughing, being very emotional over small things and even acting like a dog. On rare accounts death has occurred. Last year in 2004 22 people died from dogitis. Since dogitis can be a deadly disease you should go to the hospital right away.

From Film

Film is a way for some viewers to escape their own realities.

Famous lords

Hi! This Article is all about Famous Lords in the Middle Ages. It should also include names and dates of who they were and when they lived. If only I knew anything about Medieval Lords. I do know that serfs served the vassals, vassals served the lord, and the lord (along with a bunch of other lords) served the king. The social pyramid went as followed:

King Royal Family


Lords Ladies




how is this funny?

Cyclotrimethylene trinitramine

User| added some comments on the (very debatable) origin/expansion of the term RDX, which I deleted for obvious reasons:

"That will be the day. The acronym stands for Research Department X=Classified, following the WW2 policy of restricting unnecessary information dispersal, lest it fall into enemy hands and be used for aerial bombardment targeting."

The real fun, however, is that the user/troll/whatever got their feelings all stepped over that their bad-toned comments got deleted and went to the trouble to email me a well thought-out, highly motivating, and very appropriate response to my edits:

From [email protected] Sun Mar 13 15:02:48 2005
To: [email protected]
Subject: Abject Ignorance
Received: from [] by mprdmailfe2.nwk.myway.com via HTTP; Sun, 13 Mar 2005
10:02:47 EST
X-Mailer: PHP                                                                                                         

Hi Dickhead

I see you deleted the correct definition for  (R)ight (D)ummy e(X)pletive. Whoever wrote
the previous defn for the acronym must have been a fantasist. Which is probably what you
are, because you obviously prefer the fantasy defn to the real one?

Fantasy definition:

There are many interpretations of its acronym including (but not limited to) Royal
Demolition eXplosive and Research Department Explosive. In fact the latter is nearest to
the mark. New explosives were given an identification number preceded by the letters 'RD'
indicating 'Research and Development'. For some reason, this explosive was unable to be
given a number (the story goes that the department that issued the numbers had just blown
itself up - but this may be apocryphal). Instead the letter 'X' was appended to indicate
'unknown' with the intention of adding the number later. Although a number was issued, the
term 'RDX' stuck.

Correct definition deleted by uberpenguin the ignoramus.

That will be the day. The acronym stands for Research Department X=Classified, following
the WW2 policy of restricting unnecessary information dispersal, lest it fall into enemy
hands and be used for aerial bombardment targeting.

I guess this guy hasn't yet figured out the whole 'edit it if you think it's incorrect' idea... Ah, what would we do without INTERNET? -- uberpenguin| 02:14, 2005 Mar 20 (UTC)

"Remove" people like you from society?

Devastatin Dave

Arguably the greatest rap artist to have existed since Tupac. His extensive career spans decades and will cherished for generation to come. His music combines the rhythm of blues and rawness of post-contemparary gangster rap. He has been featured in such periodicles as The Gaurdian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/gallery/image/0,8543,-10305055279,00.html)

Born as the first test tube baby to an African American couple in 1954. His upbringing was tumultuous to say the least. His father left early in life, only to be martyred as the thirteenth casualty of the Second Great Anglo-Zanzibar war by friendly fire. Soon after that his mother enrolled him in an all Chinese school in west Los Angeles. She had hopes for his future as a Professor of Advanced Discrete Analytical Multi-variable biphasic topology. However, the streets were too tempting to him. His life changed dramatically once he was selected for the infamously violent Kamikaze Killer Swans. With this group, he led a life of deviance and defiance.

After several gang wars and a shooting of a convenience clerk, Devastatin Dave was sentenced to two months in minimum security prison. He describes this portion of his life as a theophany. He changed his Chinese ways and returned to his Zanzibarian roots, honoring his martyred father. Whilst in prison, Devastatin Dave was known for devastating the open mic sessions in room 24C (as referenced in his award-winning single Klerk Killin).

Once out of prison he devoted his life as a slave, a slave to the turntable. His first album titled, Krazy Klerk Killer (KKK), won him great fame and infamy. Containing the anti-drug| song, Zip Zap Rap. The Zip Zap Rap single went to the top 10 on every Billboard Chart in the free world (except Belgium). The massive chart success of Zip Zap Rap can be seen all over the world due to it's awesome album cover. A cover thats usually in top 10 lists of best cover design ever. However, his constant reference to the Black Israelites won the ire of the rogue state of Israel. Several tense years were spent with Israel-Devastatin Dave talks between US and Israel ambassadors. The final outcome of these talks resulted in a formal apology from Israel as well reparation. This money allowed him to buy a beat box for three hundred US dollars, which took his rapping to the next devastating level.

His Chinese roots gave him contacts to the emerging Chinese Rap scene in the 1980’s. His long time high school crony, Xenzgh Chui Txechi introduced him to great rappers. During this time his work included brilliant collaboration with Jip Jap Jen and the NOTORIOUS B.I.G. In an exclusive interview with New Pakistan Review, Biggie remarked how “he loved that nigga”. He is a major influence for every rapper today. Through Biggie, Devastatin Dave was introduced to the then unknown rapper 50 cent. Dave served as a mentor for 50, helping him perfect his rhymes and showing him the true meaning of a turntable slave. Through a complex chain of event involving two pretzels and a pair a of spandex tights, Dave and 50’s relationship soured. This feud culminated in wild gunfight between 50 and Dave. With his previous Klerk Killin skills, Dave shot 50 nine times, once in the mouth. According to 50’s entourage, Dave’s last words to 50 were, “crack is whack”.

Dave once again went to jail, this time for two weeks. Again, it was a turing point in life. He emerged after those harsh two weeks as new slave, Devastatin Dave the cyber slave.

Currently, Dave has retreated from his gangster life. His whereabouts are unknown since the now famous 50-cent is actively seeking revenge. It is rumored he is currently residing in his native county of Zanzibar. It is also, possible he was granted asylum in Haifa, Israel. His single can be heard in many Israeli discothèques.

World War V

World War V

World War V (??????????) has not happened yet, thank God. We are still trying to figure out when World War IV is going to end and when World War III is going to begin. Please do not even ask about World War VI.

Perhaps that will take place against the Klingons or Vulcans or some other insane group.

World War VI

Again, please do not even ask about World War VI. See World War V.

From the Wikipedia:Reference desk

  originally posted by User:

  • And what exactly is the question? Mgm||(talk)| 13:15, Mar 16, 2005 (UTC)
    • "Are you over 16?", obviously. Kiddie| stuff, with a Wiki twist. --John Owens| (talk)| 13:23, 2005 Mar 16 (UTC)
      • Er, John, getting to the root of the matter, somehow I don't think that's the "root|" that was intended there... and somehow I don't think this question is really suited to the resources of the Reference Desk... Mindspillage| (spill yours?)| 15:46, 16 Mar 2005 (UTC)
      • I believe he intends to say "Before I root you, are you over 16?" for those that still can't tell.Scetoaux| 04:14, 12 September 2006 (UTC)

Furniture Position

you can use a high desk or a copier machin for this position. after kissing and feelinf that you want to have reel sex the man puts the woman on the high desk and controls the pacing. he can push her closer into him for more pleasure and she can throw her neck back so he can touch her more like on her breasts or they can french kiss!!!!!!!!!


contractadon n. Genetic aberration of the droid, differentiated by its predilection for the written document (of which it is not sure of the meaning, but knows its intent is to render the combatant--normally referred to as the "second party"--impotent.) Contractadons are typically aged relics (ergo the Jurassic reference) that are the by-product of years of instilling dissent and mistrust in Vendor-Client relationships immediately prior to consummation. These reptiles firmly believe that the contract is more important than the nature of the business it represents and are not satisfied until all Goodwill between parties has been extinguished.

Russian cubism

The Russian Cubists, were a bunch of Russians, this is confirmed by their location... Russia.

Their work was similar to european cubists, mainly because Russia is in europe.

Lafayette High School

Ah, where to begin. At first there was God, and he created all life on Earth. Then the most astute mammals on Earth created "High Schools" with grand plans to enrich mankind with knowledge, and in turn create a brigter future for their children.

Weren't we friggin idiots or what? Lafayette is just another suburban high school. The original building (now Crestview Middle School) was at the corner of Clarkson and Clayton, allowing kids easy access to cheap weed and Tennessee moonshine. Of course, civil rights made whites jumpy and nervous, so they fled from the city to the suburbs, where they quickly made the old Lafayette building overcrowded. In 1987, give or take a few years, the new building was constructed. Build on a old farm field that Coach Wilson used to play on when he was a young whippersnapper. Of course, in the words of the immortal US History teacher Mr. Jay Buck, it "looks like a Sams Club." An understatement of course, the building's angular and brown construction makes it look like a maximum security prison. In today's society, there is little perceivable difference between prison and Lafayette High School. For those uninclined to pick up the damn paper and read about high school sports hijinks, the team mascot is the Lancer. Lafayette Lancers. How catchy? Due to Title IX funding for women's sports, the mascot for any women's sport must have "Lady" in front of it (e.g. Lady Tigers, Lady Lions). Though the term "Lancer" could be used colloquially to mean "one's man parts," the Lady Lancers do not suffer the sort of ridicule that beleagers the Lady Mustangs, clearly a contradiction of terms. If a 13 million dollar bond passes, the school will be renovated once again. Keep in mind that this building is less than 20 years old. Back in the motherland, we made buildings that lasted. See the Forbidden City and The Great Wall.

LIST OF MEANINGLESS EVENTS Homecoming Game/Week- Sometime in fall. Some redneck team out in the boondocks gets iced due to our Suburban pride. An entire week of fantasy and make-believe where the senior class always seems to mysteriously win. Orgies not uncommon

Turnabout- Feb. 20ish, give or take few days. Where the womenfolk ask all the cute guys out for Prom. No orgies yet, but supplies like condoms are prepared and double checked.

Prom May ? - ?: Sometime in may, the mass group orgy occurs, cleverly disguised as a end of your high schooling dance. Though school admins are often quick to downplay any sexual activity, one often ponders why else reserved hotel rooms are needed for "clothed, casual touching"

Squirrel trapping

Why someone in their right mind would want to trap a squirrel, is anyone's guess.

Extreme accounting

In Extreme Accounting competitors are required to add and divide six-digit tax figures while climbing a 60000 foot mountain.

(Actually, there is such a thing as extreme accounting. [3] The nonsense part is 60000 foot mountain. See also: extreme ironing.)

Wouldn't it be somewhat hard to breathe on said mountain? Everest is only 29,000-odd feet.Pak|aran| 17:01, 21 Mar 2005 (UTC)
It didn't say they'd be at the top.--Dyefade| 15:08, 7 September 2006 (UTC)


I concur with what is written at Talk:sesquipedalianist. Uncle G| 15:01, 2005 Mar 20 (UTC)

  • Delete or transwiki to wiktionary. Dicdef. -R. fiend| 16:05, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • Delete - David Gerard| 20:00, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • Desubstantiate this unmeritorious hyperpolysyllabic lexicographicism. (And this is not just floccinaucinihilipilification on my part). Dpbsmith| (talk)| 01:55, 21 Mar 2005 (UTC)
    • Discombobulated and flummoxed by pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis while standing at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch station reciting supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... err just delete. Megan1967| 09:37, 21 Mar 2005 (UTC)
      • Intesetingly the last comment is the only one with junk words in Except that Llanfair is a real place in Wales (with a railway station on the preserved narrow guage Welshpool and Llanfair Railway.

Lingam and Yoni

Lingam and Yoni are words for male and female genital organs respectively. Lingam means penis and Yoni means vulva.

When a male reaches his puberty he gets a full grown Lingam ready for use. In addition to urine, it starts secreting two more greezy liquids. One is the reproductive fluid that is milky white in color. The other fluid is transparent. The second type of fluid that is transparent is meant to ease the penetration of Lingam into Yoni. It starts flowing out of Lingam when a man is aroused and is going to have coitus with a female.

When a woman reaches her puberty she gets a full grown Yoni ready to use. In addition to urine, it starts secreting blood like liquid monthly. It is a natural phenomenon. Some woman also secrete a greezy fluid for the same purpose of easying the penetration of Lingam.

(Posted with edit symmary: "It is to explain the male and female genital organs and the secretions that they make after reaching puberty.")

Jude tadeo

Well I just bought a candle with the picture of this saint on the side of it. I was hoping to find out a bit about him on this here website, but no page exists for him. So this bit of rambling is to spur on someone else to make an entry for Saint Jude Tadeo. Because he's a rockin man and has a bit of a Jesus fetish going on.



From an earlier revision - the anon editor added the second two paragraphs.

Milford is a town in North-West Donegal. It contains a post-office, four supermarkets, a number of pubs, one national school and two second-level schools.

It is remarkably similar to other small towns in Ireland in that for its young residents in particular it manages to generate an innate desire to escape to somewhere better (e.g. the frozen wastes of hell) and to those visiting from the elsewhere (e.g. the frozen wastes of hell) it exudes an indefinable charm that causes them to ponder what it would be like to live in such a quaint setting.

This is known as the shithole paradox.


One who is a proponent of Apple and Apple Macintosh products to such an extent as to render him or herself mentally handicapped. Such a person will not be open to the fact that not all computer software and hardware must consist of candy colored or white plastic and/or swooshing reflective graphics.

Example "Get a computer with a right-click button you iTard!"

Paper- the fat free chocolate


Recent studies have shown that paper could well be used as the next fat free chocolate! Its naturally high artificial sugar reserves but low calories make it the ideal fat replacement. Further studies are being carried out to add an efficient good taste! Professor Birkett at the university of Elbonia has been developing fat free food replacements for years and his breakthrough has been highly recognized throughout the western scientific world and he is now world renowned after a recent failure with fat free keyboards.

From Harrier

Harriers are well-known for their skill at playing Frisbee, owing to their unique Vertical Take-Off and Landing| capability.


dude that throws harpoon


TIMxIRISH was a jolly old soul. He grew up in a small fishing village in South Africa, contratry to his very European sounding name. He died at the ripe old age of 54, due to a nasty syphillis infection


Shnible is a very recently discovered word. Shible can be used as an adjective, a verb, or a noun. it literally means "everything". Shible can be used in fancy conversations, casual conversations, or whenever you are bored. this unique word was created by a genius 7th grade student, who was reading the famous book, "harry potter," when she heard the name of Sibl Trelawny mentioned. She wondered, "wouldn't it be so cool if she was called Shible Trelawny?" thus, the word Shible was created. If you are ever in need of a word, Shible covers it, whether you are talking about something as simple as a sandbox, to something as complicated as Garbarkle.

From Speed of Light

The speed of light is approximately 3 miles an hour, to the highest accuracy of modern measuring devices. The first scientist to attempt to calculate the speed of light was Isaac Asimov in 1998 in his famed "Jogger With A Stopwatch" experiment. In that experiment Asimov stood facing away from a standard, 40 watt, light bulb, simultaneously started a stopwatch and flipped a switch activating the light, and then jogged away from the light while looking over his shoulder. He initially started by moving at slow velocities, walking paces, and steadily increased his speed, eventually maxing out at 3mph. Unable to jog faster than 3mph, Asimov simultaneously proved that the speed of light is 3mph and that it is physically impossible for anything in the universe to travel faster than it.

Jody Polk

Jody Marcel Polk, a native of Cherbourg France earned the name human salamander after spanning over three consecutive weeks wading in the murky English Channel. He was searching for natural materials he would use to form compounds and formulate new medicines to sell in his father Philippe Polk’s local pharmacy. After discovering the rare Amarante Oyster and its amazing regenerative properties together Jody and Philippe formulated their Miracle Bone Re-Grow ointment.

Jody was struck by the importance of telegraphy in communication. In December of the same year, he unveiled his Données Électriques Traduceri, which was essentially a common 56K modem made from tinfoil and broken light-bulb filaments. This invention connected Jody with the world of the information superhighway.

His common curiosity leads him to view this new world as an empty palette for his discoveries. Jody began reverse engineering the so-called unintelligible languages used to create websites and soon was speaking HTML and JavaScript fluently.

Today Jody is a prolific website inventor and has a laboratory in San Diego California.

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It depends. If he's referring to the edits affecting one another, they'd fuck each other up; if the people affecting one another, they'd fuck each other over... and you can read it either way. Shimgray| 19:17, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)


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From History of britain

Britain was invented by the polish people in 1975 an a means of transportation. The polish peole, however, later discover that it worked better as an imperilistic nation. So they went back in time and put it in the year 40. Then they had a lot of kings and queens, and a lot of wars, and somewhere in their the british developed massive toothe decay. The End


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